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The Rich History Behind Modern Day Phones

In the current world, every other person has access to a telephone. This great technological innovation has greatly shaped people’s lives. Communication is so easy and information can be shared across the globe in seconds. How did phones come about? The first telephone was invented in the 18th century. Alexander Graham Bell born and raised in Edinburgh invented the first telephone in the United Kingdom.

Bell had a great interest in production of sounds as his career entailed training deaf people. He studied electricity and magnetism in an effort to artificially reproduce sounds. In the year 1875 with the assistance of Thomas A. Watson, Bell came up with an experimental telephone.

By June 1875, Bell had created a device that could transmit indistinct sounds though clear speech could not be transmitted yet. The initial telephone used liquid transmitter to stimulate electricity. With further experimentation, an electromagnetic telephone was developed.

During a science advancement meeting held in Glasgow in the year 1877, Bell’s telephone was presented by William Thompson. In the year 1878, Bell demonstrated to Queen Victoria how the phone worked. He was able to make phone calls to Southampton and London. Since this demonstration, phones became an important component of British lifestyle. Phone calls could be made to distant places such as Norwich.

The Telephone Limited Company was later developed so as to develop phones. The first exchange was set up by the company connecting eight subscribers. By the end of year 1879, the company had three exchanges and over two hundred subscribers. It was not possible to talk to people directly. Instead, telephone operators were employed to receive messages and transfer them to intended recipients.

A rapid development in phones industry came about between the year 1912-1914. Expansion of telephone underground cable was commissioned by British government in the year 1914. Over time, phones have developed to the modern day sophisticated devices, which include business telephone systems, allowing us to communicate with people all over the world.

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