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The Rich History Behind Modern Day Phones

In the current world, every other person has access to a telephone. This great technological innovation has greatly shaped people’s lives. Communication is so easy and information can be shared across the globe in seconds. How did phones come about? The first telephone was invented in the 18th century. Alexander Graham Bell born and raised […]

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Voicemail systems and how theyre moving forward

Voicemail is additionally called v-mail, VMS or message bank. Voicemail systems are generally associated with office phone systems and are utilized to record, store, and play back messages from individuals, both inside and outside an organization. Voicemail systems additionally support fax conveyance, shared message storing (Unified Messaging), voice to text interpretation, video chat, and recovery […]

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There are still some people out there who are refusing to move with the times and feel that technology and the advancement of technology is the work of the devil, taking away so much of what makes us human. However, we believe that the advancement and improvements in technology is incredible and we look forward […]